Shipping Times and the Luxury of Amazon Prime


I used to use eBay for a lot of my purchases. These covered many different fields, mostly being technology – cases, replacement parts for phones, screwdrivers and the odd book or film. It always seemed really cheap on eBay and the shipping was normally free, making Amazon seem like a waste of time. I therefore always stuck to my guns until Amazon released Amazon Prime with video. I was initially drawn to the content available through its video section as Netflix in the UK is a bit sparse (although I still have and pay for it).

Through this, I then decided to order something using Prime (as I had been given a voucher) and went on to the shipping screen. Here I was met with the offer of next day delivery. I was skeptical at first but now am totally and utterly drawn in to this amazing shipping. eBay purchases now seem to take forever to arrive (I ordered new 3DS styluses the other week and they still haven’t arrived) and this is defiantly not a knock on eBay as they still provide amazingly cheap technology and used items, but the luxury of thinking of something for someone’s birthday in two days time and being able to order something quick and easily is amazing. The Amazon app also makes this even easier – one click purchasing has probably expended my wallet quite a lot and this ease of spending money is ridiculous, and I fully applaud Amazon for this.

For me, Amazon won’t fully replace other online services. Although they may take longer to arrive, other services can offer products for less or I am happy to support smaller businesses. It’s just nice to know that if I desperately need a Dexam Slicer tomorrow, I can get it tomorrow.


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