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Recently I have been going through a lot of headphones, and I mean a lot. When I got the iPhone 5 I got a pair of EarPods which were pretty good until they broke. I got another set of EarPods. They broke. I then went through another 2 after getting them from my iPhone 5S and most recently my 6 Plus. I needed something that might be able to last. You see, I listen to music a lot. My most played album has only been out a year and already has song counts way over 1000 on each song. That’s more than 48 hours spent listening to that album non-stop. Every morning I wake and listen to music so I need a pair of headphones that I can rely on.. And I think I may have found them.

The a-Jays are a midrange set of headphones which offer really good value for money

The a-Jays are a midrange set of headphones which offer really good value for money

The a-Jays aren’t cheap but they aren’t crazily expensive. I opted for the a-Jays Four as I didn’t see a lot of difference between the Four and the Five. I think the Five is capable of higher frequencies (which you may not even use in the real world) and is better suited for Android and Windows Phone (if you have them) as there are separate headphones made for them. I was recommended the a-Jays from my uncle who also listens to a lot of music (he has 3 full iPod Classics (yes you read that right) of music which is crazy!). He had had the same problem that I had, headphones constantly breaking.. Until he got these. He says that he has owned these for two or so years now and they haven’t let him down yet which I think is amazing, and therefore  actually more cost efficient (if my pair stand the same test of time).

The sound on the a-Jays is really quite good. Now I’m no audiophile but the sound I was getting was miles beyond the sound of the EarPods (which depending on your opinion might not be a great comparison) and everyone that I have handed them to has said that the a-Jays sound really nice. They hit the trebles well and really bring clarity to voices which is greatly appreciated. I hate a pair of earphones that is suited to only one type of music. Bass response is excellent in my opinion, you can really hear it but it is not excessive which is also really important. After listening to a large range of music and tv shows, I have found nothing that the earphones don’t sound good with; sometimes even excelling some really expensive headphones (I won’t mention names- *cough* Bang and Olufsen *cough*).

The design of the earphones also drew me to them. The first thing you will notice is the fact that they have a flat ‘noodle’ cable which is supposed to be tangle free. Let me just say that in the whole time I have had the headphones (which is about a month), they have not tangled once. They haven’t started to develop ‘weak spots’ like my EarPods where you could see the wire was stressed. A word of advice however, if you are going to get these in white, don’t expect them to stay white. My uncle’s was a grey-white combo when I saw them and it actually was slightly repulsive. I would always go black (I had same experiences with the EarPods). The only problem I found with the thick cable was that the earbuds were very prone to falling gout of your ears due to the weight. Make sure you get a tight fit so that they can support it! The remote is placed exactly right which is the same as many other manufacturers and the buttons are clicky, getting the right response to make sure that you know what you are doing (they use the standard iPod controls; up vol, down vol and the middle button which can be used to do an any number of things).

A nice design; big and clicky however the built in mic is not great quality

A nice design; big and click however the built in mic is not great quality

In ear headphones are often criticised for the fit that they have. Not with these guys! My box had five different sets of buds which made sure that you got the right fit. This I think is really important because you can get the most expensive earphone sin the world but if they don’t fit, where are you going to go from there? Mine fit perfectly in my ear and block out all surrounding noise. This meant that even in busy areas I could completely loose myself in music which I feel is really nice. One earphone in is decent but doesn’t sound amazing and for some reason you don’t get the same responses that you get with two in. I think you need the surround to really take advantage of it. One ear is also prone to falling out quite easily due to the weight of the cable. This makes it quite annoying, especially when you are shopping and have to keep picking up the stray earphone off the floor (not to mention very unhygienic when that thing is going back in your ear!).

Notice how it is really easy to disconnect the headphones when putting in a pocket.

Notice how it is really easy to disconnect the headphones when putting in a pocket.

The L shaped jack is good and bad. The L shape makes sure that the plug or even the phone’s jack doesn’t get bent (which has occurred on my 5 and 5S). It feels really secure when you click it in and I no longer have OCD about which way the sticky out bit is in. It also helps when plugged into a laptop as it sits a lot more flush against the body of the machine allowing you to get to ports more easily (although it may cover ports if you are not careful). The downside is the plug can sometimes disconnect itself when you put your device in your pocket. It has happened several times that I have changed the song and went to put the iPod/phone back into my pocket and the plug has come out. It seems to snag very easily on articles of clothing. Another thing to mention when talking about negatives is the sound that you get from the cables hitting each other is a lot more prominent than other in ear headphones due to the weight of the cable. However I prefer to have a bit of this than have to untangle my calves every time I want to listen (in fact I have once or twice groaned at my friend sitting there patiently untangling his headphones).

Note the Jays branding and how the 'noodle' call does not flex sideways very well

Note the Jays branding and how the ‘noodle’ call does not flex sideways very well

The branding on the a-Jays is quite prominent, especially on my black piece due to the fact that it is white. This may discourage some people but it did not really affect me as I am not particular about that sort of thing. In fact this made people interested in the headphones even more most of the time which was quite good. Packaging of the a-Jays looks nice and contains all you ned but I had real trouble getting them open due to the use of a small push tab thing which you had to push down whilst pulling on the packaging (I have seen the a-Jays Five have developed on this, making it easier to enter). The box however is nice to touch and makes it feel like a really premium product.

Nice but a bit hard to get into!

Nice but a bit hard to get into!

Note all the different sized earbuds. Lots of choice is good!

Note all the different sized earbuds. Lots of choice is good!

In conclusion, I feel that the a-Jays Four are a really nice set of earphones and offer good value for money. They boast excellent sound quality and a cable which is tangle free in most situations. They come with a  large selection of earbuds and have excellent noise cancellation outside. If you are looking for a great midrange set of headphones, look no further.


2 thoughts on “a-Jays Four Review

  1. I have the a-Jays One and I thought that they were really good. I really like your choice in products to review! Hopefully you can get more!

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