Celebrating 30 Years of the Macintosh


So what I’m going to say here isn’t going to be much different from other sites but I just thought I would like to share my celebration of the Mac. For me, Mac OS X is the best operating system and combined with a Mac, is the best personal computer. From the first time I used a Mac, I knew that it was the logical decision; the design of the casing, seamless,without grilles and ‘cut outs’ with screws everywhere. The OS was designed with the computer, which is how it should have been. You didn’t have to install some external software to protect yourselves from viruses. The OS isn’t bloated with extra software and installing and uninstalling programs is really easy. If you need to, you can use Windows, and the user isn’t left to choose between options such as 32 and 64 bit architecture or whether their computer will be powerful enough and stable enough to run the next operating system. If they need help, they go to one company, not one for the computer and one for the OS. There’s someone behind a bar, ready to give you answers and technical advice without paying. The way it should be. It just works.

My personal first Mac was a gift from my Uncle, a 2006 Black MacBook which I was able to customised with extra RAM and a better, larger hard drive. It was weird at first but soon when going back to Windows, it seemed old and not the best option. I do admit that Windows has its merits and I do have it dual booted on my MacBook Air at the moment, which I use for occasional development, however I will always keep Mac OS X as my primary OS. The MacBook had battery life that I had not experienced on a Notebook before; even though it was only 3 hours, it seemed amazing.

The Mac has changed how we think about computers. The mouse was pioneered with the Mac, the GUI, the Mac and all of this would not have come to the consumer if it were not for the Mac. Every day, people use Macs to make amazing, creative things which, without the Mac would have been impossible, even for other PCs. Even if you do not like Macs, you cannot deny that they have changed the way we think.

If you want to know more on 30 years of the Mac, click here.


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