Jawbone Jambox Review


So the other day I got the chance to get my hands on the Jawbone Jambox; not the mini or big one, just the cheapest regular one. First of all let me say that it really does feel premium even though it is made of a mostly rubber feeling outside with the speaker grilles being made most probably of stainless steel.

Along the top lie the volume controls and another button used to use Siri/Voice Commands and check the battery; pretty barebones but that’s all you really need. When playing music, one side of the speaker plays the treble whilst the other plays the bass. It plays pretty loud for such a small speaker; enough to fill a medium sized room of talking people (maybe not shouting and dancing). Actually on the highest volume the speaker does move slightly when there is a lot of bass however it’s not enough that the speaker would fall on the floor.

To one side of the speaker is the On/Off switch which when slid upwards further than the ‘On’ position enables Bluetooth connecting mode. This was really simple to do and worked on devices ranging from the 2nd Generation iPod Touch to the new iPhone 5S and MacBook Airs.

The range of the speaker was very good, with it still being able to stream music from about 10 metres away without a problem and whilst the volume can be controlled on the speaker itself, the device streaming the music also has the same control.

When turning the speaker on, it makes a ‘thumping’ sound which is really quite nice, telling you that you really have just turned on your speaker and when it is turned off it makes a sound which goes down in pitch until it fades out. To me the first sound is nicer than the second which actually sounds quite childish. When pressing the round button on the top, the speaker will tell you in a woman’s voice the battery level. The one thing I didn’t like about this was that instead of giving a percentage, the speaker would say something like ‘battery is about full’ this really didn’t give me an idea of the battery life of the device which did not run out in all the time I used it which is quite impressive.

The range of colours that the speaker comes in is quite large. I would recommend not going for the white unless you really really want it as it does pick up dirt quite easily because of the rubberised texture. What I was impressed by was the device’s durability not only when being dropped or scratched but also when being moved around. Sound is constant when the device is moved around as the speaker does not rely on something under it to provide the bass of songs. Even when being shook, the speakers didn’t waver for a second which will be useful when going trekking or similar.

The device’s rubbery coating also stops scratching when placed eon a surface and whereas you would not place your MacBook Pro on a rocky surface for fear of scratching it, you would most comfortably put the Jambox there.

Pricing is quite reasonable for such a well
Performing device and whist there are cheaper options, the Jambox seems to be an all rounded speaker with no issues that I found. I still prefer the design of the Bose Soundlink Mini because of the metal however the Jambox is a really nicely designed product and I would certainly recommend it.



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