MFI Controllers, yes or no?


The Moga Ace Power has been the first MFI controller released to market and promises extended battery life along with joystick and button controls. It looks like a great deal at $100 (UK pricing not available at the current time), but really is it going to be the best present for others?

The first problem with the device is that it even though it works with many games right out of the box, there are only a handful and you cannot reassign it for any other games that you would like (unlike the Shield). You will have to wait for the developer to program the App to work with the case.

The second problem is with the price. For $100 you could save a bit and get a fully fledged gaming system or go for a second hand 3DS. The price doesn’t stop there however as you have to tie in the prices of the games that you have to buy along with it. Yes, they may only cost £0.69 but that’s still an added cost in the whole scheme of things. You also have to factor in the fact that as with technology, devices become outdated and if Apple’s next iPhone and iPod touch lines come with 4.5-5.5 inch screens, the controller will become obsolete.

The third and final problem comes with usability. How many times will you use the device. It does fold up into a slightly smaller version of itself however it’s still quite bulky. Now phones are getting bigger but if you tried to use your phone normally with the case, you would look like a complete idiot. Unless you are using it, you will always keep it disconnected so that you can use your device for what it is meant for.

What the Ace Power is good for is kids. Young or old, they will spend hours with the device but you have to make sure that they really take mobile gaming seriously. I myself do game on my phone but that is mainly just to pass the time and I would not consider taking a controller with me on the bus or the tube when commuting.

I understand that for some people this is the perfect accessory to their iPhone or iPod however before purchasing for someone else, make sure that:
a) They really are serious about mobile gaming and that your $100 is not going to just sit around being used less than once or twice a year going on holiday
b) They have a small lightning connected device i.e. the new iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPhone 5, 5C or 5S as these are the only devices compatible with the controller


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