What? My MacBook Air’s SSD failed?


I was casually doing homework the other day when an update said it wanted to install. I clicked the ‘later’ option and continued. Then when I had finished, I went ahead and installed the update. When the MacBook started to reboot it was taking a surprisingly long time. I wondered why this was however thought it might have been because of the update. Then an icon popped up in the middle of the light blue screen; a folder with a question mark. My first port of call was to reboot and try again however this had no consequence as after a long boot time, it still popped up with the icon.

After a quick Google search, I sussed out that it was that the machine could not find a hard drive to boot from. This was not a good sign. Then after a little more Google searching and a post on MacRumors, I worked out that the 128GB Toshiba drives were having a few problems where it caused them to just crash and burn, with no way to recover the data. I was devastated. After being told that an SSD was a very secure and hardwearing piece of equipment, one that would be a lot better than a regular spinning disk I had not bothered to back up my files, only transfer larger ones to my external HDD. The result was a loss of all data; music, videos, films, photos etc. Luckily there was one saving grace: other devices and the cloud. All my Pages, Keynote and Numbers files were in the cloud and my films were on my external hard drive. The music will have to be transferred back from my iPad/iPhone using a third party application. My one big loss was my Applications. I will now have to go and call up Adobe for more serial keys.

To those who experience this problem, go to the Apple Store and they will provide a new drive free of charge however there will be a complete loss of data. Unlike with a regular spinning disk drive, the data is very hard to recover and therefore will be lost. I was pleased with the attitude of the Genius at the Apple Store (as always) however it obviously wasn’t the perfect outcome.

If you would, could you follow this link to show Apple that there must be something wrong and add your name to the petition. Thanks 🙂

All the best,



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