Make any iPad Mini Case ‘smart’


So you want an iPad mini case that is stylish, different and doesn’t carry a hefty pricetag that Apple charges on its Smart Covers. However one of the most touted features of the iPad is the sleep-wake functions that come with the Smart Covers. So you go and buy a cheap, but nice looking cover for your iPad. Some case manufactures haven’t got it quite right and the sleep-wake functions have not been implemented properly, or are not implemented at all. My case was the Speck case which actually was bought with me thinking that every case would have a sleep wake function on it however this one didn’t and it didn’t say on packaging they would. I however really liked the design and therefore stuck with it. But how to add this amazing feature? We have to dive into the internals of the smart cover and see where the magnets are. People say that the new magnet placement, compared to the iPad 2, 3 and current, retina display generation which magnets live on the side. The iPad Mini’s are on the bottom next at home button in two separate places so it will detect two of the three sides of the Smart Cover touching the surface of the iPad.

So on to the DIY. What do you need?
-A case
-Adhesive magnetic strip-available from any craft shop (very cheap-mine was 30″ for Ā£1)

First, cut a magnetic strip of 5cm for the sensor. Adhesive is best, but others are fine. It should be about 1cm wide.


Now find out the place where the magnet should go. Put the magnetic strip on the side and push down. If it turns off, you have found the place.



Now remove the adhesive backing….


Now attach it to the iPad case…


It may sit a bit high on the iPad, but apply another bit on the other side to even it out… Nobody will notice! If you want it even more professional, cover it or even sew it in… I haven’t though, because I can’t be bothered….. šŸ˜›


Enjoy! Have fun!



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