Why to buy Apple (as posted on MacRumours)


The following comes from a topic on MacRumours forums:

I’m not going to argue or anything here because it’ll just cause a row and I don’t want that. Yes, Apple has changed since Jobs left. Yes improvements in the iPhone and post pc devices has been little and overpriced but hasn’t tech like this come to a standstill anyway? Take the Samsung Galaxy S4. Faster processor, slightly bigger screen, thinner and a few OS tweaks…. Haven’t I heard this before somewhere? Even other phones are like this, little gimmicky upgrades and Apple is trying to keep on top of this. The average consumer doesn’t care about having 8 cores in their phone, they just want it to be snappy and fast, to work, to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and most of all be impressive – and that’s what the iPhone is. It may not be as good as or as fast as other phones and yes the price might be high but that’s Apple. The high price makes it a desired product and makes people want to buy it even more. Owners of Apple products love their products, its not just another laptop it’s their new MacBook.

Oh and about windows 8. Yes it may run on your 2007 laptop, but is it designed for it? No. It is designed for the touchscreen and let me tell you, it is almost unusable without one. I have a 2006 BlackBook running Lion and it has never let me down since it was bought apart from when the HDD failed a few months back. I took it into an Apple store and they said that it was just wear and tear and I accepted that. But then they also replaced the keyboard. A device almost 7 years old and they sill fixed it. That’s why I buy Apple. They replace 2006 iPod nanos for goodness sake where other companies would have just been like oh they’re too old and left it. No. They have morals and that is why I would like to work for them when I am older. I believe in their philosophy. And if that shifts (as it seems to be now with only $$ in mind), I will try to right that and innovate and put it back where it should be.

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