Trains and etiquette


When you are on a train, especially at busy times, there are certain things that you should abide by, certain things that you should do so that others on the train get their money’s worth. At the moment, I am writing this sat on the floor of a train, next to the door because some people have decided to put up their feet and luggage on the other side of one of the ‘four seats’ with a table. Even when I walked by with a large bag slung over my shoulder, they didn’t even move.

I’m not one to argue or make a scene so I casually passed them by and am sat in their line of view writing this. What right do they have to take up more space than others? Have they paid an extra ticket which therefore allows them to place their feet up on the other side of a large seating area? No is the obvious answer to my rhetorical question. They have no right, no matter what job or position they hold in society, to take up the space of others.

If the train was bare and the only people who were there did this, it would not be as bad however it is still disrespectful to put your feet up where someone else would or could sit no matter how clean your shoes may be. Do that at home if you want but not in a public place where other people want to sit.

So to those people, if you see this, please change your ways. It is not the way to behave and people should not have to fight for space or seats which they have paid the same amount for. Please give up your seat which is currently occupied by some feet for a very tired ass.


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