PPI Madness


When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 at the 2010 WWDC, the most distinguishing feature (apart from the new design) was the high PPI display. It made things look so clear and started a whole new craze of high PPI devices. Now I love the display on the iPhone and it lets me see things so clearly on a small screen however I cannot see why people are so distressed about the iPad mini not having a retina display. Yes, Apple pioneered the retina display and all their products have migrated in this direction but the mini was designed for cheapness, value and long battery life. If the mini had a retina display, the 10hr battery life would be significantly smaller. They just weren’t ready at the time with the right technology. The mini will eventually get retina but it just wasn’t ready yet.

I do think though that PPI is getting out of hand with some screens getting 400+ PPI. Why would I need so many pixels? Better screen quality is more important to me not how many pixels they can pack into their devices. I’m pretty sure I would not notice the difference between a 320 PPI and a 400 no matter how large the difference between the two. I want new features not more pixels… Please say I’m not the only one with this view…


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