Will watches be banned in exams soon?


With the introduction of the smartwatch, you can now do nearly everything you can on your phone, albeit a bit smaller and harder to use. This could spark a revolution in exams. At the moment the only electronic device you are allowed on your person is a watch however this could change drastically if entrants start to wear smartwatches to the exams. This could spark a new generation of cheating with pupils searching answers on their watches then if an examiner asks what they are doing, they can just say that they are checking the time.

On the same topic, Google Glass has to be banned from exam halls. A user could contact others, search the web or even start a live video feed without anyone else in the room knowing. How will examiners moderate this? There is no way that they can take everything off students as they enter the room. The Pebble smartwatch looks exactly like others and its e-ink screen makes it just look like a digital watch, however we all know it is more than that.

The watch therefore, even as intuitive as it may be could cause a massive change in what devices are allowed into exam halls. Before entering an exam hall, examinees will have to be searched as in an airport before boarding a plane. This will be distressing for examinees with the pressure of being searched being added to the pressure of the actual exam.


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