Apple Customer Services


I was on the phone last night for over two hours. Why? Because I was talking to a customer services representative about replacing a dead iPod nano 1st generation. Now some of you will have seen my post a while back on why I would never trade in my iPod nano for a new one however this one’s dud. Doesn’t work at all and you can still trade them in so I decided to. I therefore called up customer services to get this done however it seemed that I had already traded it in. ‘Sorry,’ I said, ‘but I still have it right here’. I then proceeded to be on the phone for over an hour and a half, getting it sorted. She came back every 5 mins inbetween the silence to reassure me that I was still being dealt with. I’m sure no other company would do that. When the timer on my phone started to near 2 hours she said ok I’ve got you through and she got a replacement. The problem was that for some reason my serial number was not being recognised. Anyway, they eventually (when the timer was 2:11) finished. I don’t know about other companies but this is extraordinary. The warranty for the product ended over 2200 days ago and I still can get it replaced. I know that it was a recall, but I don’t think that it would have been sorted so concisely as that by any other company. The lady on the phone was really nice. Not from the UK I don’t think but she was really good and understood me perfectly. The only thing that I had a problem with was that she couldn’t hear the numbers of my phone number properly however we had a good laugh over that. This is why I buy Apple products and not others. They have great everything! Yes you may pay more but it will be a longer lasting product and you will get all the bells and whistles including excellent customer services.


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