iPad or MacBook Air 11 for studies?


This problem has plagued many when looking for an Apple means of note taking and revising. The choice seems so close with prices for a 64GB iPad being around £100 cheaper than the MacBook Air 11. So therefore when people ask about which to buy, we must take out the ideals of price as many just want what will help them the most.

You may have expected a long article on which to get however I will put it simply. The iPad is more for visual learners who like to draw and take notes and enjoy playing the odd game or two and watching a few movies. They will be more outgoing than MacBook users and the ability to add 3G will be good for those lacking a tethering option. The battery life is longer however the device is not as powerful as the MacBook and runs a mobile OS not a fully fledged one so the user will be limited to the apps he buys/uses coming from the App Store.

The MacBook has a good battery for an ultraportable laptop, not a tablet. It has a more powerful processor, can run full apps and can multitask (Yes the iPad can multitask but I’m talking about having two screens open at once). It is slim (not as slim as the iPad) however looks amazing on a desk and is the ultimate laptop of minimalists (bar the overpriced ChromeBook Pixel but more on that in another post). The iPad is as well however lacks that all important glowing Apple logo as standard. The MacBook also has the addition of a built in keyboard however lacks a touchscreen (which I don’t think that laptops should have). It’s OS is not designed for touch. The multitouch trackpad on the other hand is one of the reasons I bought it. It’s simple and intuitive and no other trackpad comes close (according to reviews).

So here’s how to decide:
Do you use bullet points and lots of writing or a mindmaps for revision and brainstorming?
Bullet points – MacBook Air 11
Mindmaps – iPad


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