Google Glass. Capturing amazing moments or an invasion of privacy?


Google glass is coming and it doesn’t matter whether you want one, it will change your life, even if you don’t own one. It will allow users to record info, search things and do many other things which you can do on a smartphone without even raising a hand. This will allow more moments and memories to be captured and people will be able to reflect on times past more easily. There has (already) been a movement against this in the form of Stop The Cyborgs. This website tries to outline the reasons why there should not be a Google Glass at all:

  • Google has the marketing power to make acting like ‘Creepy Cameraman’ socially acceptable.Would you have even considered wearing a hidden spy camera or recording conversations a few years ago? Well soon everyone will be doing it and finding you odd for objecting.
  • There is no way to know if you are being recorded by someone wearing Google Glass or a similar device. This is in contrast to a smart phone where the user must visibly hold the camera up to take a picture or record video. We must therefore assume that we are being recorded at all times(and possibly publicly broadcast) from a low angle where ones face is clearly visible.
  • Even if the user is not recording video, audio for their own use it may still be being collected and processed in the cloud in order to display contextual information using image, object, face, voice identification and speech recognition. (so called augmented reality) for example.
    • Display the G+ or Facebook profile of the person you are looking at.
    • Give you reviews of the item you are looking at in a shop.
    • Give Google debugging or image recognition training information.
  • Information about you will not just sit in some database, read only by the security services and bored IT workers but rather will delivered directly to the people you are interacting with for example.
    • What is your Klout score?
    • Does your face look like someone on the sexual offenders list?
    • Do you have any criminal convictions?
    • Are your voice patterns correlated with stress and therefore lying?
    • What is your relationship status?
    • What is your credit rating?
    • Map of where you are normally seen.

Google Glass is a revolutionary product but privacy is an issue

Would you like one or do you think that this is all an invasion of privacy? Comment down below with your response.


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