Is the Z10 the phone that BlackBerry needs?


Can the Z10 save BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry Z10 was Ā a make or break moment for Blackberry. Their company was on the brink of a breakdown as iOS and Android dominated the market. The Z10 and the Q10 were its last hope to try and regain what it used to ‘own’. Has it worked? In this post I will see whether it has and evaluate how big this is a threat to both iOS and Android.

The reviews for the Z10 are mixed. It seems to have captured a large amount of publicity and created quite a hype however this has not made it a better product. Almost all the reviews mention the new gesture based OS however many are beginning to criticise the fact that the interface is new and quite hard to learn compared to Android and iOS’s simplicity and ease of use. They also complement the camera with many saying that it matches the iPhone which is somewhere where manufacturers have seemed to stop competing with, even though it is one of the main things that people do with their phones. Many say that with such a late entry into the smartphone gain, Blackberry has no chance. Its phone seems to be on par with other phones however it has no distinguishing features and the large learning curve needed to be taken to use the device seems to be too great compared to the other OSes.

A CNET Always On Road Test found the unit a large learning curve and they actually became frustrated with the device, allowing it to get stolen and also smashing one. It seems therefore that it has not gained the hearts of these people, instead being such a large leaning curve and such a glitchy features that they did hated it in fact. They also mention greatly the lack of Instagram posting and only viewing. A transcribe from the Always On RoadTest where they announce the verdict:

It is a clunky, hard to use, unintuitive experience when you pick up this phone, even for somebody who is used to using lots of different cell phones and getting around, manoeuvring, it just feels like I’m doing extra steps to do common activities.
Its rough. Its gonna be hard for an advanced user and hard for a newbie and then on top of that, that app support is not there. It’s heartbreaking to pick those up and have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn built right in but not be able to download Instagram. So, yeah, I hate to say it. I was pulling for this phone and I think that the Q10 has a lot of potential because people want the keyboard. But for me, right now, the Z10 is a ‘do not buy’.
I agree. Without a keyboard, there really isn’t a reason to get this phone over other, better smartphones.

You can see the whole review here. And I transcribed this btw… Just saying šŸ™‚

So in final, if you want a Blackberry, wait out for the Q10. I would publish my own feelings on the matter however I do not have a test unit. If you would like to give me one Blackberry, I will do it on my feelings and findings however I can only go on what I see on the internet.


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