Are e-books going to go the way of 3D?


When e-books first came out I was one of the people who said ‘You’ll never get me to buy one of those… Ever’. Times change and so do opinions. I can understand the compel of an e-reader. They’re thin and light and have millions of books on them… Blah blah blah I still hate them. What I don’t hate however is the tablet, namely the iPad mini. I bought the mini as soon as it came out. It was the right size for a tablet, easiest for media consumption and easy to carry around and hold.

This is what I used it for. Until one day I was at my father’s house and fancied a quick read of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I had however left the book at my mum’s so I went on and purchased the book from the iBooks store. It was so close to reading an actual book however a lot thinner and lighter. It was so easy to carry around and it synced to my iPhone. Brill. Now the hardback book sits on my desk and if I am compelled to turn a few real pages, I’ll go and do that for a few seconds then get back onto my iPad, reading.


I think therefore that the next generation of e-reading will not be on e-readers but on tablets such as the iPad and Kindle Fire as it lets people have a read but also lets them do so much more without such a constrained device. I don’t get headaches from using an iPad for reading but maybe I’m just too young to remember when people read these things called ‘books’.


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